About me
Hello. I am Wojciech Kocjan and this is my home page. I don't like to write up such texts since they're usually boring so below are some personal and professional details, in case you're interested :-)

I currently live and work in Krakow, Poland. I have a lovely wife Asia and a son Kacper. He was born in March 2007 and is a young IT fan!

I am a professional software engineer since 1996. My main focus is Tcl/Tk and C/C++ development and I have been working with these language for over 10 years.

I have been coding C++ on both Unix and Microsoft Windows platforms. I also have vast experience with Tcl, Tk and Tile, Itcl/Itk and Tcl interfacing from C level. I also have experience in creating Tcl interfaces to C level API.

My other focus is Java development. I have been working on production Java code since 2003, including J2SE, J2EE and J2ME.